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Our work at Cogitat was featured in the following articles:

June 2023The Times Article - Link
February 2023BBC Article - Link
February 2023Telegraph Article - Link
January 2023Sifted Article - Link
October 2022Business Insider Article - Link


2021First Prize Award (Team Cogitat)
Winning team at the Benchmarks for EEG Transfer Learning (BEETL) Competition NeurIPS 2021. Sponsored by Facebook Reality Labs
Ph.D. Student at Imperial College London - Machine Learning Engineer at Cogitat
2020Doctoral Scholarship Award
Stipend and Tuition Fees award for the duration of my doctoral research at Imperial College London
Ph.D. Student at Imperial College London
2019Swiss Mobility Programme Scholarship
Scholarship for getting accepted as a Master’s exchange student at ETH Zurich
M.Eng. Student at ETH Zurich
2018Year Group Project Award
Award for achieving 3rd place in our cohort in the 2nd Year Group Project module for our Braillio prototype
M.Eng. Student at Imperial College London


September 2023Associate Fellowship Advance Higher Education - AFHEA
June 2023Registered Engineer in Greece - TEE
August 2017Google Certified Associate Android DeveloperBadge

Leadership / Service

March 2023 - PresentLakera AI Student Momentum Ambassador - Momentum
September 2022 - PresentIEEE Reviewer
Reviewer for the prestigious “IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence” Journal - Reviewer Profile
August 2022 - PresentCo-Organizer of London Geometry and Machine Learning (LOGML) Summer School
April 2021 - PresentMain Organizer of Imperial Computing Conference (ICC)
Responsible for sponsors and organizing the talks of: Petar Veličković (DeepMind), Shakir Mohamed (DeepMind), Kimon Fountoulakis (University of Waterloo), David Pfau (DeepMind), Ann Blandford (UCL), Marily Nika (Google and Harvard University), Samyakh Tukra (Shell), Pauline Bolignano (Amazon), Thomas Barrett (InstaDeep), Oana Cocarascu (King’s College London) and Natalie Wu (Lakera AI), Max Mathys (Lakera AI)
April 2021 - PresentBeta-level Microsoft UK Student Learn AmbassadorProfile
October 2020 - PresentPhD Year Student Academic Representative for the Department of Computing at Imperial College London
Shortlisted for the PG Representative of the Year Award of Imperial College Union 2023 - Post
October 2016 - May 2018Imperial Plus Awarded Volunteer for two consecutive years
Volunteer at St John & St Elizabeth Hospital, Member of #helloICU Crew, Commemoration Day Volunteer - Link
October 2015 - May 2016Fundraiser at Job Fair Athens
Member of Fund Raising Team targeting companies in electronics, robotics and biomedical fields – responsible for recruiting 2 companies out of almost 50 that attended our event - Link

Presentations And Talks

August 2022“A Causal Viewpoint on Motor-Imagery Brainwave Decoding” at Oxford Machine Learning Summer School 2022 (Unconference) — Video
July 2022“Deep Learning Techniques for Brain-Computer Interfaces” at Pre-sessional ResearchFest! (Imperial College London) — Tweet
June 2022“Department of Computing Drop-In Demonstrations” at The Great Exhibition Road Festival — Message from the Head of Department / Announcement
May 2022“A Causal Viewpoint on Motor-Imagery Brainwave Decoding” at BCI Society Next Gen: Trainee Spotlight 2 — Video / Announcement
February 2022“Deep Learning Techniques for Brain-Computer Interfaces” at DoC Showcase Day (Imperial College London) - Video
December 2021“Featuring PhD student Konstantinos” at Doc Clock (Imperial College London) — Video
November 2021“From IoT Devices to Time-Series Insights (Part 2)” at Microsoft Ambassador Workshop Event — Video
August 2021“From IoT Devices to Time-Series Insights (Part 1)” at Microsoft Ambassador Workshop Event — Video
August 2020“Certifying Properties of Deep Networks by Taking them into Shallow Waters” at the Data Analytics Lab — Video

Hackathons, Seminars & Competitions

2023Royal Society Neural Interfaces Summit 2023
2023Advanced AI Product Management with Technical Deep Dive by Marily Nika
2023BCI & Neurotechnology Spring School 2023 by (g.tec)
2022ELLIS Doctoral Symposium 2022 (EDS)
2022Oxford Machine Learning School 2022 (OxML)
2022Participant in the Project: PDE-Inspired Sheaf Neural Networks by Cristian Bodnar at LOGML2022
2022Machine Learning Summer School MLSS
2022Foundational Theory of Graph Neural Networks by Zak Jost
2022Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certificate
2022Breaking into Technical Product Management by Marily Nika
2021Participant in the Project: Investigating Differentiable Graph Module by Dr. Anees Kazi at LOGML2021
2021Digital Product Management 101 Seminar by Marily Nika
2021Catapult Energy Systems Presumed Open Data: Data Science Challenge - Place: 10th / 47 teams
2020Oxford Machine Learning School 2020
2020BuildForCovid19 Global Online Hackathon - Participant with Hara App
2020McKinsey Explore 2020 - Selected to participate in the Consulting workshops
2020Facebook AI Hackathon 2020 - Participant with RoadAI
2019ETH ACE Datathon 2019 - Participant in the AI Challenge
2019Edge AI Programme Scholarship (Intel & Udacity)
2019Secure & Private AI Scholarship (Facebook & Udacity)
2019PyTorch Scholarship Challenge (Facebook & Udacity)
2018Self-Driving Car Nanodegree by Udacity
2018Bosch Connected World 2018 - Participant in the Autonomous Driving Challenge
2017Scholarship to Android Developer Nanodegree (Google & Udacity)

Selected Projects

2019Advanced Machine Learning Projects
Projects in topics “Prediction of the age of a person from their MRI scan”, ”Multi-class classification in an unbalanced dataset”, ”Heart rhythm classification from raw ECG signals” and “Sleep staging classification from raw EEG/EMG signals” - Link
Student at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich)
2019Image Descriptors
Coursework with the objective of generating descriptors for noise-corrupted local image patches in the Euclidean Space - Link
Student at Imperial College London (ICL)
Asthmaway IoT device provides children and parents with vital real time information on the intake of their prescribed dose of inhaler medicine. Responsible for the development of the Android app and the programming of the central processing unit - Link
Student at Imperial College London (ICL)
Electric kindle-like device intended to aid in the education of young visually-impaired children. Achieved 3rd place in our cohort for our prototype. Responsible for the development of the Android mobile app and the programming of the central processing unit - Link
Student at Imperial College London (ICL)
2016 - 2021The Mouse Originals
Researched and developed Eleftheria App, Hara App, RoadAI, UpliftMe, HashMe, BudgetMe and NoteMe - Link
Android Developer (The Mouse Team)


  • Greek (Native)
  • English (Fluent)
  • German (Basic)


  • Greek
  • British