Classification of Brain Activity Signals

Patent Status: Published - Publication Number: GB2605270

Konstantinos Barmpas, Yannis Panagakis, Dimitrios Adamos, Nikolaos Laskaris, Stefanos Zafeiriou - [IPO.GOV.UK][Google Patents]


[Update] 3 more papers (first author) - [Google Scholar profile]

Surfing on the Neural Sheaf

Published in NeurIPS 2022 - NeurReps Workshop (Symmetry and Geometry in Neural Representations), 2022

Julian Suk, Lorenzo Giusti, Tamir Hemo, Miguel Lopez, Konstantinos Barmpas, Cristian Bodnar - [Paper] [Poster]

2021 BEETL Competition: Advancing Transfer Learning for Subject Independence & Heterogenous EEG Data Sets

Published in Proceedings of Machine Learning Research (PMLR), 2022

Xiaoxi Wei, A. Aldo Faisal, Moritz Grosse-Wentrup, Alexandre Gramfort, Sylvain Chevallier, Vinay Jayaram, Camille Jeunet, Stylianos Bakas, Siegfried Ludwig, Konstantinos Barmpas, Mehdi Bahri, Yannis Panagakis, Nikolaos Laskaris, Dimitrios A. Adamos, Stefanos Zafeiriou, William C. Duong, Stephen M. Gordon, Vernon J. Lawhern, Maciej Śliwowski, Vincent Rouanne, Piotr Tempczyk - [Paper] [BEETL Competition]